10 Must-have Skills For Becoming An Angular Developer In 2023

Building a highly engaging user interface is the first need for any digital assets, whether you want to design a SPA (Single Page Application), Mobile Application, or PWA (Progressive Web App). One of the most popular tools for developers to achieve that is Angular, a JavaScript framework that is open-source and owned by Google.

Stack Overflow survey reports Angular to be used by 20.39% of professional developers. Its popularity is owing to its strength to deliver seamless UI/UX, change templates into programs & instantly split code to speed up load times, and quickly design, test, and deploy UI elements.

Thus, to create interactive native mobile apps, PWAs & SPAs companies always look to hire the best AngularJS developers. If you’re trying to figure out what skill sets to learn to be a part of an Angular development team, then this blog is perfect for you.

Here we present to you the 10 must-have skills every Angular developer should know and need for success.


Angular Developer’s Abilities

Angular developers primarily focus on the client side of the application. They are responsible for creating user interfaces for websites and web apps.

They have a strong background in designing the highest caliber software and engaging user interfaces. No other developer using a different language can match the bespoke website development services offered by Angular developers.

One needs to gain many abilities in various programming areas and use them at the right time and place to become a great Angular developer. The developer must initially have extensive experience with the Angular frameworks and actual Angular programming expertise.

Angular developers must be skilled in the “Angular” methodology. Developers, hence, must adhere to a precise set of practices and principles to use this technique effectively with Angular. 

That brings us to our next section, knowing the necessary skills to become an Angular developer.

10 Skills You Need to Master Angular Development

It is well-established that Angular developers require specific skill sets. However, there are other skills that you need to master as well. To be an experienced Angular developer, you should have the following technical knowledge and skills:

1. Angular

Without a thorough knowledge of the Angular framework, you cannot be an effective Angular developer. It will take some time to master all the many components of Angular and how they function together because it is a massive framework. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert to begin creating helpful applications.

Forms, components, and services are necessary for almost every Angular application. Learn how to combine and integrate these elements, and you’ll have the knowledge to create commercial applications.

2. npm

Nowadays, the Node Package Manager (npm) is essentially a necessary tool for all web developers. Npm is the main tool used to install hundreds of client-based website development combos, including Angular without performing Node.js development.

The entire Angular framework is split up into many npm packages. Probably, you’ll also need to install other helpful, non-Angular packages too. Therefore, it is useful to know how to install all you need just in case you need them.

3. Angular CLI

An Angular developer can set up, create, and manage Angular apps from a command shell with Angular CLI or Command Line Interface tools.

By simplifying the process of writing code to configure new apps, Angular CLI benefits Angular developers. The benefit of CLI goes well beyond the development of new applications.

It may be used to expand an existing application with new elements, modules, and services. Also, it can save you a lot of typing while guaranteeing your code adheres to Angular coding standards.

4. HTML and CSS

A deep understanding of the core web development technologies is still necessary despite the existence of Angular. It offers the necessary aspects to create quick, useful applications. Such apps still need to be displayed in a browser, which requires creating user interfaces with HTML and CSS.


While Angular Material and other style libraries are excellent at assisting you in producing attractive apps rapidly, you must be aware of when and where to make adjustments to obtain the precise appearance you desire.

5. JavaScript

Javascript expertise is a need for Angular developers in addition to their familiarity with HTML and CSS. JS handles the functionality, allowing you to add various interactive elements to your program, including high-quality animation, movies, audio, and other media.

6. Git/Version Control

Git allows you to play around with your code. You can handle bugs and monitor code changes for a web application using GIT. The amazing feature of GIT is that it offers early access to other code versions, providing trials with codes & programs.


7. TypeScript

The main language for creating Angular websites is Typescript, which is a superset of JavaScript. While Typescript is supported by Angular development, JavaScript remains the language of choice for most client-side web apps.

This is so that highly functioning websites can be made since Typescript eliminates bugs and improves productivity. Furthermore, knowing Typescript allows you the flexibility to expand and modify your web pages and applications in response to changing client demands.

8. RxJS

Reactive programming using observable streams is supported by the package RxJS. Although it is distinct from Angular, it comes pre-installed with the framework and is utilized for a variety of routine functions, like sending HTTP requests for data. You must be aware of the Observables and other RxJS capabilities used by Angular to provide a uniform API for carrying out asynchronous actions.


9. Testing and Debugging

Every web development process involves testing and debugging. An Angular developer should thus have this as part of their skill set. As a developer, you write your code. At times you might also want to work with code created by other developers, thus able to spot and correct flaws is crucial.

An Angular developer’s resume can be enhanced by proficiency in widely used testing frameworks like Mochajs, Karma, and Jasmine.

10. Teamwork and Commitment

Among the several credentials for Angular developers, collaboration and commitment are crucial. Being able to collaborate with others and having a good effect on a team is what it means to be a team player. Commitment is another essential quality that Angular developers should have to finish the work at hand.

The Bottom Line

Angular developers must possess specific abilities to succeed in their field. From time management to technical knowledge or research ability, all are necessary for success in the area. But don’t overlook the attention to detail and working with others as well. If you are looking to hire angular developers you can hire them from the top software development companies by taking one-by-one interviews of developers and looking at their portfolios they also have good skills and experience.

Developing your skill set requires commitment and effort, but honing these 10 skills can help you stand out as a competent Angular developer from the competition. Soon, Angular development will dominate the industry and will be more in demand than it is today. 

Thus, you should give Angular some thought if you aren’t already using it for web development!

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