Are Bluetooth Keyboards Good for Gaming

As a rule of thumb, Bluetooth keyboards are not suitable for gaming. The reason is its wireless design that may make connectivity compromised. No matter if you are a fast-paced gamer or a casual one, Bluetooth keyboards are less favorable for gaming.

In addition to connectivity breakage, the higher latency is the time the Bluetooth keyboard takes to initiate the action of a keystroke on screen.

What are latency and input lag in the wireless keyboard?

The low latency in wireless keyboards is the time taken by the keyboard when the key is pressed and when the action on the screen happens. That delay is known as latency.  The calculation is usually done via frame rate counting between the input and the flash display.

 So if you play fast-paced games such as Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and League of Legends the wireless keyboard is not going to bring you the most out of it. Now let’s check out the logical reasons.

4 Reasons why are Wireless keyboards not reliable for pro gaming

1. Higher latency

High latency is what makes the gaming compromised. It creates a noticeable difference in the keystrokes between the action performed on the screen and the button pressed on the keyboard. Therefore, the delay makes gaming compatible with the Bluetooth keyboard.

2. Lousy connection

Not every Bluetooth keyboard is best for connectivity. There are times when your Keyboard is incapable of keeping up with the wireless connection and therefore it impacts the playing games. Moreover, the batter issues are also underplaying. Therefore, if you want robust and unbreakable connectivity, wired keyboards make gaming seamless and better.

3.  Speed factor

Although both wired and wireless keyboards are efficient in typing. However, when it comes to gaming, every millisecond matters. The wired backed-up keyboard is more efficient in performance and responding to the action right away than the wireless one. For a precise measurement, the noticeable speed difference is about 0.079 seconds or 79 milliseconds.

4. Compatibility issues may arise

Sometimes the Bluetooth keyboard shows subpar compatibility with the game. The reason is many keyboard manuals allow you to use it with only their devices. And if you use the keyboard for gaming with other consoles, there is a chance of showing lesser compatibility and such issues.

Pros and cons of using a wireless keyboard

No one can deny the importance of using a Bluetooth keyboard. Certainly, it makes its usefulness highlighted for various reasons that’s why these keyboards are managing to be in the work. So let’s find out the pros and cons of the wireless keyboard. Here are some best keyboards of 2023.


·         Slim and minimal design  add to aesthetics

·         Best for mobility and carry everywhere

·         Work best for typing and office work

·         Wireless design is hassle free with no cord clutter


·         Higher latency

·         Less battery 

·         Input lag makes gaming sluggish

·         Compatibility is A must

·         Not super fast and accurate as a wired keyboard

Should I not use a wireless keyboard for gaming?

You might be thinking about the fact that a wireless keyboard is a big no. However, it depends on what type of gaming you are looking for. For competitive gaming where response time and latency is always highlighted factor, the Bluetooth keyboard is less efficient.

On The other hand, the wired keyboard makes things super smart due to its better connection, swift speed, responsive performance, and durability. So if you want to play the game where every stroke matters the most, go for a wired keyboard.

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