Best Laptops with Upgradeable RAM

Laptops are no more a luxury. In the ever-changing world with advancements in technology and computing, more people are in touch with laptops. They have become a necessity.

We come across times when laptops become slow, and they no longer provide us with a similar experience as before. At this time, we start to realize whether our laptops are loaded with an upgradeable RAM option or not.

Upgradeable RAM is like a re-birth for the laptop. It will add to the laptop’s longevity and get you back to the previous and better experience once you had. Upgrading the RAM will make your laptop function fast. Efficient performance is significant; therefore, upgradeable RAM in laptops is the best go-to option.

The Blog features the top four best Laptops with upgradeable RAM. Moreover, we intend to answer all your doubts while addressing some important aspects that customers frequently ask. Questions like, Is external RAM a possibility? How to check if upgrading the RAM is possible on my old laptop? These questions are addressed here with an in-depth explanation. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the different upcoming sections.

Is External RAM a Possibility?

Technically the answer to the question “is external RAM possible?” is “NO” RAM is something that cannot be added externally. However, an alternate is available—some storage features like an external hard drive that provides extra storage to you. But still, it’s not possible to add an external RAM card or RAM stick to your laptop.

Is External RAM a possibility

The primary purpose of RAM is to send data to the processor shortest possible route. Hence, it needs to be close to the processor physically to perform this function effectively. If it were possible to add the RAM module externally, an expansion cable or connector would be required, ultimately creating a solid-state drive. Ultimately, the discussion leads to the conclusion that RAM can’t be added externally. Additionally, if RAM is not internal, it means it won’t function.

How to ensure that RAM is upgradeable on my old laptop?

Sluggishness, after some time, while performing your tasks, is something prevalent in laptops. Most of the laptops come with a sealed bottom or soldered memory on the motherboard.

Both of these situations won’t allow you to upgrade your laptop. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the system recognizes a limited threshold of RAM.

Ensuring whether your laptop allows upgrading RAM, firstly, you must know the model and brand of the laptop. It is possible to find through the retailer from whom you have bought the laptop.

How do I know is my laptop upgradeable?

Another alternate is websites. Various websites offer the services of giving information regarding the laptop model and whether its RAM is upgradeable or not. It is the second thing you must know.

Lastly, after knowing all about the model and upgradeability, you need to determine the speed and type of RAM you need. DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4, with a specific number mentioned along; for instance, DDR3-PC3-12800. The best thing is to consult a professional or the retailer from whom you bought the laptop.

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Top 4 Best Laptops with Upgradeable RAM

Here are our 4 top-of-the-line best laptops with upgradeable RAM. The product review is highly informative. We have stated the specification, pros, and cons of each of our top pick products. This way, you can have an idea of which one will serve your needs best.

1.    Dell XPS 15 laptop 15.6 inches

Dell XPS 15 Laptops with Upgradeable RAM

Dell XPS 15 laptop comes with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 9750h processor and has a graphic card RAM size of 4GB. It has 16 GB DDR4 RAM and a memory speed of 2666 MHz. Moreover, the model is loaded with 1 TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. Graphics Coprocessor is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

The model has an excellent Touchscreen display size of 15.6’’ with a maximum screen resolution of 4K UHD (3840 * 2160). It operates on windows 10 and weighs about 5.5 pounds.

Battery indicator, noble lock, USB 3.1 Gen Type-A port, and SD card reader are present on the laptop’s right side. While on the left side, a thunderbolt 3 Type-C port, 1 USB 3.1 Gen Type-A port, an HDMI 2.1 port, and a 3.5mm combination jack of headphone/microphone are present.

The model looks not only elegant but also features many other beneficial things. The large keyboard and touchpad are pretty convenient and easy to use. The keys are firm and overall performance is good.

However, they may need to update it better as per the competitor’s keyboards. The touchpad responds well, and the display size is perfect. The 15.6’’ screen combined with a 4K UHD OLED display provides sharp images and vivid colors on your screen.

Dell XPS 15 (model 7590) comes with upgradeable RAM. The maximum memory it supports is 32 GB. However, purchasing a 32 GB module won’t work. The model is compatible with 2×16 GB modules.

The configurations supported by this laptop includes 4 GB DDR4 at 2667 MHz (1 x 4 GB), 8 GB DDR4 at 2667 MHz (2 x 4 GB), 16 GB DDR4 at 2667 MHz (2 x 8 GB), and 32 GB DDR4 at 2667 MHz (2 x 16 GB).


  • Efficient and responsive processor.
  • Updated features and well-built.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Fingerprint reader.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • 4K UHD OLED display provides perfect saturation with no issues at all.
  • SD card reader.


  • The battery life is just 8 hours which requires enhancement.
  • The bottom-mounted speakers need enhancement.

2.    Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED Thin and Light Laptop

Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED Thin and Light Laptop with Upgradeable RAM

The Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED laptop has a responsive 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9750h processor. The model comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti which is ideal for graphic designing intensive apps. Both these specs give you a next-level experience with greater video editing efficiency and premium gaming performance.

It features a 16GB DDR4 3200MHz memory for higher multitasking productivity and 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD (2x NVMe storage slots total) for accessing files swiftly while safely and conveniently storing all of your large-scale creations and projects in one go.

The model features comprehensive output options, including 3 external displays (via HDMI, Mini-DP, 1 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, and an SD Card Reader. It ensures you Connect up to 9 external accessories without the need for an adapter.

This laptop has a Gigabyte exclusive supra cool 2 cooling system, which provides 30 % more cooling efficiency, boosting the performance and giving a seamless multitasking experience. For a fantastic multimedia experience, this laptop model has an entire area backlit Gigabyte RGB fusion 2.0 keyboard with a Numpad and full-macro per-key customization.

Other facets include Samsung 4K UHD AMOLED display with VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black Standard for more realistic imagery and fantastic contrast. The screen size is 15.6 inches, and the battery life is 8 hours. The model supports the upgradeability of RAM. This laptop has 2 M2 storage slots, and the RAM is further upgradeable to 64GB.


  • The laptop is Ultra-light, highly responsive, and super-efficient.
  • The model facilitates comprehensive output options.
  • The Ideal display size with vivid colors and perfect contrast makes it an appealing model.
  • It is upgradeable to 64 GB RAM.


  • The model doesn’t support Linux.
  • The fans are pretty loud.

3.    ASUS Experbook B9 Thin Light Bussiness Laptop

ASUS ExpertBook B9 Thin Light Business Laptops with Upgradeable RAM

ASUS ExperBook B9 features a 10th Gen Core i7 10510U processor and a windows 10 pro. The Magnesium alloy chassis with Military Grade 810G durability makes the laptop weigh only 2 2 lbs with a thinness of only 0 6”, making it super light and portable. The model comes with spacious storage of 512GB PCIe NVMe M 2 SSD and 16GB RAM for better multitasking performance.

The display size is 14 inches with a max screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

ErgoLift Hinge backlit spill-resistant keyboard and ASUS NumberPad, an LED-illuminated numeric keypad, are super-responsive and provide a seamless experience while performing tasks. Moreover, the laptop also comes with a built-in light bar compatible with Alexa.

The connectivity facets are 1x USB 3 1 Type-A (Gen 2) 1x USB 3 1 Type-C (Gen 2) with Thunderbolt Gig+ Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) 802 11ax Bluetooth 5 0 (dual band) HDMI micro HDMI to RJ45 Cable and microSD card reader.

Apart from these specs, it has built-in speakers with audio by Harman/Kardon. Additionally, the model is loaded with TPM security Fingerprint Reader, ASUS Business Manager, ASUS Splendid, and Kensington lock. The RAM is upgradeable on this laptop. The majority of the ASUS laptop models come with two memory slots which can be upgraded with either one of the two modules.


  • Light, robust, and portable.
  • Up to 24 hours battery life with 60 % fast charging in just 39 minutes.
  • Two SSDs for fast data access and more extensive storage.
  • The processor is quick and responsive.
  • Next-level audio with noise-canceling technology.


  • The model is available only with quad-core Comet lake Core U hardware.

4.    Alienware area 51M gaming laptop

Alienware area 51M gaming laptop

Alienware area 51M gaming laptop features an intel core i7 10700 k processor. The laptop supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory at 2933 Mhz or 32 GB of DDR4 XMP memory at 3200 Mhz. This laptop features a 2.5Gbps bandwidth Ethernet connection, giving gamers 2.5x the standard wired Ethernet connections for blazing-fast file transfers.

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The Alienware TactX keyboard, N-key rollover technology enables over 108-key commands for maximum actions per minute, and 1.7mm of key travel ensures fast response for any keystroke.

Alienware Area 51M Gaming with Upgradeable RAM

The additional specs of the laptop are extraordinary desktop-level processing power, CPU and GPU upgradability, advanced cooling, and a premium, revolutionary, and improved design.

The model has 17.3 inches super-wide display and a max screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Moreover, the graphic card RAM size is 8GB. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports, and the model operates on windows 10 home.

The graphics coprocessor is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. The laptop has upgradeable RAM, and the installed RAM is 16 GB DDR4, while the maximum capacity is 64GB. It supports the M2 SSD form factor.


  • The graphics are fantastic.
  • Alienware TactX keyboard is super-responsive.
  • The major components of the laptop are upgradeable.
  • Advanced cooling features and comprehensive connectivity options.


  • No micro SD card slot.
  • The NVMe SSD selection is mediocre.
  • Costly.

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Final verdict 

We featured some of the best upgradeable gaming laptops featuring many other specs that appeal to the audience.

These are our top picks. We have stated the tech specs, features, pros, and cons, with each model giving a clear view of the model’s benefits and limitations. All these models are the best laptops with upgradeable RAM.

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The blog addresses some significant questions and answers them well to clear out all the related ambiguities. After going through the product review of each model, the audience can choose easily and buy a laptop that best suits the tasks they are performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure whether your laptop has a slot for more RAM?

The best to find it out is using Crucial’s free memory scanner. Through this tool, you can quickly check out whether your laptop has a slot for more RAM or not.

How much RAM does a laptop needs?

It depends on the tasks you are performing on the laptop. Moreover, you must know the slots the laptop has and the upgradeability it supports.
Similarly, modern CPUs operate through 1-4 memory channels. More memory channels mean more bandwidth.

Does the addition of more RAM make the laptop faster?

Suppose you are experiencing sluggishness; it’s pretty standard. All you have to do is upgrade the RAM. It will surely make the laptop work faster.

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