Best Log Bait Decks in Clash Royale

Now gaming has reached the next level. Therefore, games are more serious about the gameplay and its overall aura than ever before once such a game is log bait!

Log bait is popular for a reason. Therefore, I shall list down the top best log bait decks you should try. As you know, the log bait is basically an archetype in which your opponent uses the Arrows, Barbarian Barrel (log spell). This spell is used by a certain troop to punish it.

Log bait is basically based on the idea of many cards in which the game holds two or one counter (decks). So when the other player uses the counter card the player will be in trouble.

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Best Log Bait Decks in Clash Royale

Classic Log Bait deckPossible attract combinations Goblin Barrel, Knight + Goblin Gang when they use Log/Arrows/Zap
Goblin Drill Log Bait deckIt can be used as a defensive card added to the Inferno Tower 
Fast Cycle Log Bait deckIt has a good defense with Tesla and Knight 
Mortar Log Bait deckPossible attacks: Skeleton Barrel, Knight + Skeleton Barrel, Knight + Goblin Gang, Mortar
Royal Giant Log Bait deckIt has no spell but Goblin Barrel and Royal Giant 
Double Log Bait deck with Bomb TowerFaster cycle and AoE defense due to Bomb Tower
Double Log Bait deckIt has a dual winning condition with Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Barrel
Goblin Drill Prince Log Bait deck It uses Goblin Drill
 Bandit Log Bait deckIt uses Bandit and Cannon Cards as defensive and counter-attack cards 
Log Bait deck with PrinceIt has multiple bait cards due to Dart Goblin and Rascals

Interesting tips for log bait deck

There are multiple ingesting tips for the log bait deck. Here are the tips.

  • Most of the decks (9 out of 10) use the princess as it’s the most obvious success key. So you have to protect it with cards like Knight, Prince, etc. while using Log Bait cards. It will ensure the survival of the princess.
  • The Rocket value for victory is another best tip. It features 6 Elixir that ensures its seamless usability. So you should not use it on a single e Elixir time to a 4 Elixir unit no matter if you hit the tower.
  • Keep an eye on the enemy cycle. Be careful when you are about to attach the Log bait cards. Don’t just use them blindly.

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