Best Windows Laptop for Music Production

A laptop is also one of the most important factors for music production besides musical instruments as you require a laptop for beat making and mixing. Therefore, your laptop must have a multi-core processor to support DAW. DAW is software for musicians which enables them to record and edit their songs on the laptop. 

The best windows laptop for music production should have enough storage which can handle the work related to music quickly. You should purchase a laptop which has the power to handle the newest software in music production

Some music artists need efficient laptops to make their studio at home to produce their songs, edit, and upload. 

If you are choosing a laptop for such a purpose, then you should keep in mind that there are some important features which are must-have for the music profession, including voice filtered recorder and stereo speakers. 

Therefore, to help you we have spent lots of time researching of best laptops for beat making. We found that these below-selected products are not only beneficial for starters but also a great choice for professional musicians. 

6 Best Laptops for Beat Making

1. 2022 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop

2022 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop

The newest Lenovo IdeaPad is manufactured with an Intel Dual-core i3 processor, which has a fast performance in audio making. It has a large screen display of 15.6-inches. This Intel UHD Graphics integrated into it are amazing. 

This laptop contains 20GB RAM and 512GB SSD that is capable of keeping up with digital audio workstation software. It contains the feature of the fingerprint sensor. IdeaPad 3 laptops also have a webcam

The thing we like the most is its lightweight, which is helpful for music makers to carry around with them. 3x USB 2.0, 2XHDMI, and many others enable you to connect with musical instruments that help you in music production.  

You can do multiple tasks of music production at a time with this laptop without hanging. It’s a budget-friendly device, so the beginners of music production can afford the best windows laptop under 1000. This device is also useful for artwork. 

If you are recording or editing your music files, this laptop enables you to put your device on Quiet mode. You can edit your music videos without suspension. It has a stable operating system of Windows 11. 

The thing we don’t like is its camera quality which is not good, and also its screen gets blue while booting up the laptop. 


  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Clear screen view. 
  • Fast performance. 


  • Low camera quality. 

2. TECLAST Windows Laptop Computer 15.6 Inch

TECLAST Windows Laptop Computer 15.6 Inch

Telecast laptop is manufactured with metal that is attractive and unbreakable. The three sides of the screen are surrounded by narrow bezels. It has a 15.6-inch screen which makes the visuals actual. 

For connectivity of your music instruments, this laptop is giving an audio connector, a micro-SD card, and also two Type-C ports, and three Type-A ports. It also has the feature of wireless connectivity of Bluetooth to connect with speakers

The best part is its Intel Core i5-8259U processor, which has a plus for musicians to install their heavy software such as DAWs. This laptop is also good for gaming due to its Iris plus 655 Graphics

You can record, edit and listen to your music without worrying about heating up your laptop because it includes rubber bars that raise the device, which enables your laptop to cooldown frequently. 

This laptop comes with 8GB RAM and large storage of 256GB SSD memory to save your music-related data. Its hinge is made up of metal and is completely portable.  

Its backlit keyboard is helpful to use late at night, and also its keys are smooth. You can get a clear voice with the mic included in this laptop. Its built-in speakers are super loud and clear. The touchpad of a laptop is responsive. 

Besides everything, its brightness makes causes issues for you, especially if you are trying to work in the daytime. 


  • Backlight keyboard.
  • Adequate sound quality.
  • Portable.
  • Active trackpad.


  • Lack of brightness.

3. HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop

HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop

HP Chromebook has a feature of MediaTek MT8183 processor, which enables you to do multiple tasks at the same time. The window starts within a second, which is the really amazing thing about it. 

If you are low in budget and want to buy the best windows laptop under 1000 for your music profession, you can choose HP Chromebook. This laptop contains 4GB RAM and a 32GB SSD that allows you to do only music-related work, not others, such as gaming. 

This small window-based laptop has a display of 11.6-inch on which you can watch your HD music videos. Its Mediatech integrated graphics do not affect the battery level. The brightness and the snow-white color of the laptop are awesome. 

It is the best lightweight window laptop which is helpful for dj and music artists to bring their Chromebook with them. In our research, we found that it has a 720p webcam that is good for video calling and also has the feature of a touch screen

In our testing, the thing which took my attention a lot is its 15 hours long battery timing so you can use your music software without the tension of draining the battery. Speakers are enough for listening to music. 

Its one HDMI port, headphone port, and two USB-C ports are perfect for connecting it with other musical instruments. The unattractive part of this Chromebook is its lid, as it is hard to open and close. 


  • Starts-up fast. 
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Rubber bars. 
  • Long battery timing.


  • Unresponsive Touchpad. 

4. Google Pixel book Go

Google Pixelbook Go best laptop for call center

Google Pixel book Go includes 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD memory is one of the Best Laptops for Serato DJ Pro. It allows music makers to install their desired software and enables them to store their music documents easily. 

This laptop comes equipped with an 8th Gen intel-core processor that gives a fast performance in browsing and in music production. Its fitted keyboard is quiet and smooth, and its touchpad is also very active in responding. 

You can use this best small window laptop for 12 hours without worrying about charging it again and again. And also have a fast charging option

You can grab this windows-based laptop because of its rigid bottom. Its backlit keyboard makes it easy to use at night. There are built-in dual stereo speakers that give a great sound. 

It comes with a display of 13.3 inches which is comfortable to watch. The top and bottom of the laptop display screen are manufactured with bezels on both sides. This best lightweight window laptop is easy to carry with you. It is a fanless device that is good for musicians because the noise of the fan distracts the focus.  

This small window laptop has one microphone jack and two USB-C ports, which are useful for charging. 

While testing, the thing we found not good is that you can use it only in laptop mode, which is not feasible for music artists to move the screen at their comfortable position. The brightness is not enough to use in daylight outside of your house. 


  • Rigid bottom. 
  • Smooth keyboard. 
  • Ideal Touchpad. 
  • Fast charging. 
  • Fanless. 
  • Quiet keys. 


  • Lack of brightness. 
  • Not portable.

5. Dell XPS 17

Dell XPS 17 9710 Touchscreen Laptop

Dell XPS is equipped with an intel core i7-11800h processor, which is very efficient for DAWs. You can work on different websites or browsers without hanging out. It includes 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD memory which is more than enough to save your data. 

It has a big display of 17-inch that is good for musicians. If you want to connect your device with music instruments, this laptop contains a microphone jack, HDMI port, thunderbolt port, and four USB-C ports

Dell XP laptop has a smooth keyboard for typing. Its backlit keyboard is very convenient to use in lights are off. For privacy purposes, this device is given the feature to unlock it through face id and fingerprint sensor. 

It won’t get freeze while doing any task. Built-in speakers sound good, which is a plus for music listeners. The trackpad is good and responsive. The webcam is not that good but acceptable. 

This windows-based laptop has great battery timing of 12 to 14 hours after charging once a day. You can use a lot of programs without the stress of fast battery draining. The fan is not louder and distractive.  

The screen has bright and sharp colors. Dell XP is heavier in weight and not a travel-friendly device. 


  • Backlit keyboard. 
  • Face ID and Fingerprint reader. 
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Quiet Fan. 


  • Low-quality webcam. 
  • Heavyweight. 

6. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED 

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED 

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 comes with a dual-screen that is easy for music makers to do music editing on the main screen, and on the second screen, you can do other tasks related to music. 

This windows-based laptop includes an intel-core i7-108704H processor with 16 threads and eight cores that enables fast speed in multiple tasks. It has the capacity to bear a lot of workloads and also boots up quickly. 

ZenBook contains 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage which is capable for music production to save their music files and documents. It provides a 15.6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 16:10, which gives bright and clear vision. 

OLED panel of the laptop gives a great viewing angle and makes the display color sharper and bright. Let’s talk about the second screen, which has a 14-inch display. The second screen also has a touch sensor which is impressive for the user. 

Its effective and amazing NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics supports DAWs. This laptop provides some basic ports which are necessary for music production, such as a microphone jack, USB Type-A port, HDMI port, and three thunderbolts

Because of the dual-screen, its touchpad is located on the right-side. It will take a little bit of time to get familiar with this change. Due to its weight of 5.16lbs, which is considered heavy, you can’t carry it around with you. 

The thing which seems not good is its webcam which is not good for virtual meetings. But in music production, this webcam is affordable. 


  • Dual screen 
  • Boots up quickly. 
  • OLED panel. 
  • Touch sensor. 


  • Inadequate camera quality.

Buying Guides for Best Laptop for Music Production

When you are looking best laptop for music production, there are some requirements that must be included in your laptop. We have discussed all these requirements in or buying guide given below. 


The processor is the main thing that makes the performance of your tasks fast and slow. In our listed products, we recommended the latest processors to do multiple tasks. If your laptop has no upgraded processor, you will face a lot of problems in your music profession.  

Operating System

Your laptop must have the power to bear music software efficiently. OS should have the capacity to do a lot of tasks at a time, such as the management of files and memory-related functions.   


Storage of your laptop plays an important role in your profession. The laptop must contain large storage to install your music apps and can store your documents, take music files, and edit. Small storage will not store the heavy music files efficiently. 


If you want to run heavy Dj software smoothly, then you should choose 16GB RAM is more than this, as we mentioned in the above-listed products. You can browse the internet and load applications quickly by increasing RAM.   

Battery life

Or researched laptops battery has a working capacity of 8 to 12 hours which is ideal for music makers to charge it once a day. 

Screen size

Good sight for DAWs is enabled by the screen ratio of the laptop. Some Software needs great resolution. 


Graphics makes visuals clear and beautiful, which is good for your music videos and for music software. 


To connect with your music instruments, you should purchase a laptop that has a thunderbolt port, HDMI port, USB port, and a headphone jack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What ports are essential for music production?

While purchasing a laptop for your music production, look for all essential ports such as HDMI port, USB-C port, thunderbolt, Type-A port, and a headphone jack. 

What storage is good for music production? 

Your laptop must have a large RAM and storage for your music files, editors, and also for music software. In our above-tested products, we recommend ideal storage for your music production

What OS system does your laptop need for music-making? 

For music production, your laptop must have an operating system of window 10, 10 pro, or macOS to have faster performance while editing and creating your music. 

Final Words
After complete research, we have recommended you the best windows laptop for music production we could find so far. Although we have liked all the above-mentioned products attractive in their own way, the one product which tempted us the most is the 2022 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop. It includes all the features which one requires during your music production.

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