Can I Close My Laptop While Updating

Installing windows updates is something that troubles every laptop user. Whether you are someone who keeps updating their laptop every time the updates are available or completely ignores them, both things cause issues. For example, in the former situation, you will miss essential updates; in the latter, your laptop might get some buggy updates. 

The major problem occurs when the updating process takes hours to complete, and the user gets easily irritated by the blue screen with a moving dotted circle and message that don’t turn off your laptop. 

That is why the question, “can I close my laptop while updating,” is often on everyone’s lips. Let’s dig deeper into this topic to learn some amazing facts about it. 

Can I Close My Laptop While Updating? What Happens If I Close It?

Shutting down the laptop or closing the lid, which makes your laptop shut down, is not recommended because it causes serious issues. 

Many people say that at the downloaded phase if you close your laptop, it doesn’t affect the system however may corrupt the already downloaded files and data, so you have to restart the download. At the same time, others believe that during installing or updating phase, laptop shutdown will cause glitches and errors. 

But at both downloading and installing phases, it is recommended not to shut down your laptop; otherwise, crashes and data loss make your system malfunction. 

Even the blue screen of the laptop also clearly conveys the message that “don’t turn off your system or laptop.” 

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Possible Solutions To Save Your Laptop From Fatal Damage While Updating 

People think that closing the lid is the possible solution to this problem, so it means your laptop doesn’t get shut down but quietly completes the update. 

But this only happens when you have programmed your system to update while keeping the display off. And this is because the system allows you to make changes according to your preferences for the closing lid.

When it comes to your laptop’s lid, you can program it to perform one of five actions. Two of these options, “Do nothing” and “Turn off display,” are worry-free and will allow updates to continue without any interruptions.

In contrast, if you choose to set your laptop to “Sleep” or “Hibernate” when you close the lid, these actions may suspend the update process, although it is unlikely to cause any problems. 

However, it is important to remember that if you set your laptop to “Shut down,” closing the lid will interrupt any updates that may be in progress. In order to ensure that updates run smoothly, it is best to avoid closing the lid in this scenario.

But if you need to close the lid, choose the ‘do nothing’ or ‘turn off display’ options so that the updating process continues without interruption.

How Can I Change The Settings To Turn Off Display Without Interrupting The Updates

Closing the lid of your laptop no longer has to interrupt important updates thanks to the energy settings and programmed action. 

This feature can be accessed by pressing Windows + R, then typing in control.exe to open the Control Panel. 

From there, go to Hardware and Sound, select Power Options, and then, at last, click on ‘Choose what closing the lid does.’ 

You now have the option to choose either ‘Do nothing’ or ‘Turn off display’ for both ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ options.

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Can I stop laptop windows updates in the middle? 

Yes, you can, but what about the fatal errors that will come up and ruin your system? It is not recommended to stop your laptop or turn it off while downloading and installing updates. 

Why do my laptop windows take too long to get updated?

The slow updating of windows is because of less storage space in your system, big size and a large number of updates, and your laptop’s condition. Sometimes, the process is slow and may take time at one point, and then complete the rest in a blink of an eye. In such a situation, don’t worry, but if the update gets stuck for several hours, then there might be a severe issue. 

Can I leave my laptop updating overnight?

Though modern batteries can cope with the situation without getting hurt, you can leave your laptop plugin overnight for updating purposes. Still, I recommend that you make the update process in your presence so you can see if all work is done correctly without creating any problems with your laptop. 


Can I close my laptop while updating? It is risky whether you have any valid reason to do it because it might cause data loss, crashes, errors, and your system malfunctions.

You can only close the lid when your laptop doesn’t shut down upon closing it; for that make changes in the control panel by using the guide I have discussed in this article. 

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