How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

Charging your laptop with HDMI? It sounds astonishing. But actually, you can charge your laptop with an HDMI cord. This blog is based on techniques with methodology on “how to charge a laptop with HDMI”. Laptops are quite convenient and portable. We often carry them with us when we are traveling or going to our workplace.

They are the best travel partners and lightweight and compact, having all the facets of a personal computer (PC). They don’t have any additional devices attached. Laptops have made our lives easier. A charger is an essential part of laptops.

The worst part comes when our laptop charger is lost, or it is not working. We all know our laptops are never fully charged all the time. It often happens while you are off for something really important.

Keeping in mind such scenarios, we need alternatives, and HDMI charging is the best alternative plan. Using an HDMI cable, you can charge your laptop through three different approaches. You are at the right place to know how to charge the laptop with HDMI. Let’s get into the details. All ways are discussed below.

1st Method: Charge Laptop Using HDMI Cable and Adapter

Items you Need

In case your charger might malfunction, be ready with a plan “b”. Here are just a few items you need to begin with, your HDMI laptop charging:

  • Firstly, our laptop must have a USB type C port (necessary for all methods)
  • An HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) adapter cable
  • An adapter or connector (it is a device that provides a standard HDMI connection)
  • A TV with HDMI that supports HDMI cable


The few things that are mentioned above will help you out if your laptop charger isn’t working. Check all the accessories that are needed. Ensure that the TV supports the HDMI cable.

Connect the HDMI cable to your television's HDMI. Now connect the other end to the adapter. Connect the adapter cable to the laptop's port.

If the charging starts, you are good to go. If not, remove the cable from the laptop’s port and insert it again. it still does not works, then there may be an issue with the adaptor or cable if your laptop and TV are all okay.

2nd Method: Charge Laptop using HDMI Cable and Mobile

Items you need

  • USB Type C to USB type C cable
  • Mobile phone


In case of emergency, you can readily charge your laptop using your phone. Some smartphone models have got this advantage.

Grab a USB type C charger and connect your mobile with your laptop. Now, open the USB settings of your phone and select the option to allow power supply from mobile to laptop. The charge will drain out from your mobile phone to your laptop.

Compared to a laptop battery, the phone’s battery is smaller, and it cannot charge your laptop fully. You can use the laptop just for 30 minutes, and it will turn off again. However, it’s an instant and easy method. If you need to work on something that won’t take long, this method is effective.

3rd Method: Charge Laptop Using a USB-C Cable

Items you need

  • USB type C cable
  • USB type C port must be present in the laptop


Firstly, bring a USB type C cable.

 Connect one end to the laptop's port. Insert the other end into a power outlet. That's all, and you are done. Laptops with USB type-A ports are now replaced by USB type C ports rapidly. As long as you have a USB type C cable, this method is the best.

Compared to USB type A, type C is designed to provide a high wattage, which means it can transfer more power than type A. The life of the device can be affected by overheating, but charging a laptop with USB type C is very efficient.

It’s don’t uses cables and adapters and is suitable for both host and device. It can charge your phone and laptop simultaneously.

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Other Techniques to Charge your Laptop Without a Charger

There are numerous techniques to charge your laptop even without a charger. There is no need to worry now because you have to know all the alternate routes to achieve your goal. They are all listed below. Let’s get into it.

1: Purchasing Universal Adapter

It’s good to be on the safe side always. Investing in a universal adapter is worth it. Both AC and DC adapters are available in the market. They support various brands. They work the same as the original power supply of laptops.

You can use the laptops while they are still being charged. It would be best if you were a bit careful while using them. Please don’t set the voltage too high as it might overheat your device, failing the battery. There is nothing to worry about because they develop a useful guide and tips to set the suitable voltage.

2: Keeping a Spare Battery with Yourself

Keeping a spare battery proves to be a lifesaver in case of emergencies. To charge it, you might need an external charger. Spare batteries are quite handy. They are manufactured in such a manner that your main laptop battery fits in them. Make sure to buy an appropriate model for your laptop.

3: Power Inverters

When you are on the road most of your time and need to use your laptop, buy power inverters. These gadgets can be fixed into the cigarette lighter outlets of cars. They can charge devices that need up to continuous 300 watts of power.

Its mind-blogging. They are perfect for charging and operating a laptop. It’s a travel-friendly gadget. It’s easy to use and can be easily removed if you need to take it off the laptop.

4: Hardwire Laptop into your Car

Another method is hardwiring your laptop into your vehicle. It’s more like mounting it into the vehicle. It is not much popular but can be considered an alternate plan to resolve the charging problem.

Laptops are fashioned in such a way that their AC adapters are a good match for them. To hardwire your device, you have to find out the voltage of the DC that is acceptable by your laptop.

Avoid connecting it directly to the fuse box; instead, attach it to the voltage regulator. Set the voltage through the regulator; otherwise, it would be a disaster.

5: Power Bank

Power banks are portable devices. They don’t need a power supply. You can connect it to your laptop. They come in a variety of different models with varying capacities. For a powerful laptop, it’s better to buy a power bank that is a USB type C base.

They can also provide a power supply to smartphones and tablets. Always keep a charged power bank inside your laptop bag. So, in case you need it, it’s right there.

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Are HDMI Safer to Use?

No doubt, HDMI cables, and adaptors are very convenient and cost-effective to use. They are not technical to use and are quite successful. They are best to watch movies and audio on the big screen by simply connecting your laptop to it.

But in the case of charging, they provide very little voltage to the electrical devices. They are too slow. So, it’s better to use them only when you are out of your charger.

Besides, laptops come along with their specialized charges, and it’s safer to use them. They provide the appropriate current to your gadget, avoiding any hazard or danger.

Are HDMI safer to use

Moreover, the life span increases, and device laptops don’t get exhausted. Turning the HDMI charging methods into permanent ones is not a good idea. In the long run, it’s harmful to laptops. So it’s better to keep them temporary.

If you are stuck somewhere worst and don’t have any other option, go for charging your laptop with HDMI cables.


You are on your way to the office or university. It’s your presentation today. You open your laptop and want to revise the important points. Suddenly you get to know that your laptop has no charge. It’s the worst situation.

You check your laptop bag but couldn’t find the charger. It’s when you start to think about other options. It’s always better to be prepared for all kinds of situations. It would help if you came up with a plan b and c in the backup.

You should have a piece of knowledge about “how to charge the laptop with HDMI”. In such cases, HDMI cables can help resolve the issue. Consider buying a laptop with a USB type C port. They are more convenient. In case your charger is not working, or you have lost it, use HDMI cables. Connect them with a TV HDMI that supports it.

Then insert the adapter’s cable into the laptop port. It’s an easy method since TVs are present at offices and universities. The blog guides you about the whole procedure to charge your laptop without a charger using HDMI cables and other techniques.

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