Are Gaming Laptops Worth It – Gaming Laptops Detailed Buying Guide 2023

Gaming laptops are designed in a way that has a super-fast and powerful processor, more huge memory than a normal laptop. They also have better graphics high speed and advanced cooling mechanisms. They are designed to handle heavy tasks, unlike the normal laptops that are designed to store information, typing, documentation, web browsing, etc. in short normal laptops are the ones that are used in offices and homes.

The design, price, and, specification of a gaming laptop are different from the normal laptop and also review some Gaming laptops.

The Question That Arises Is Whether Gaming Laptops Are Worth It?

We know when you are about to spend your hard-earned money on something. You think twice about spending that money, but no worries we have got you back covered. If you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop and not sure whether to spend your money on it or not, then the answer is yes. Gaming Laptops are worth it and every penny you spend on them for several reasons.

To Help You Decide Are Are Gaming Laptops Worth It

To help you decide, here are the reasons why should you buy a gaming laptop and what should you look for while buying one:

If the only thing you do on your laptop is play games then trust me these gaming computers are worth spending your money on.

Gaming Laptops Are Portable

Gaming laptops are portable, we can carry them with us everywhere. We no longer have to use those big desktop computers for gaming on which we had to stay in a particular place to play games because obviously, we can’t carry those huge desktop computers with us everywhere. But those portable computers just made that job easy for us.

Powerful Processor

The powerful processors used in gaming laptops allow us to have smooth gaming experiences, as the graphics and gaming won’t get broken. They have a high clock speed build for gaming.

Why It Is Better Than A Gaming Console?

Gaming consoles are the devices that we connect with our TV to play games. Some examples of gaming consoles include Xbox, PlayStation, Famicom Wii U, etc.

Gaming consoles and gaming laptops both are the best options and it is hard to decide what to purchase. However, Gaming laptops are better than gaming consoles because on gaming consoles we can only play games whereas on gaming laptops we can play games, do our assignments, we can o web browsing, watch movies, listen to songs, can do our office work. While on gaming consoles we can only play games and that’s it.

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Gaming Laptops Are Powerful

The powerful processor of a gaming laptop allows the users to play games that are already released and the games that are yet to be released. They stay compatible with the newer technology. That means that you are spending your money on a device that will stay reliable, more than the normal laptops.

Resale Value

They have a better resale value than a normal laptop. So, if you have suddenly decided to sell your laptop you will get a fair resale amount out of it. So, yes we can say that it is a safe investment.

More Stylish Look Than A Normal Laptop

The developers of gaming laptops give the laptop a high five, classy and impressive look as compared to normal laptops.

Better Speakers

The speakers are much louder than the speakers installed in normal laptops.


The graphics are the picture and video quality of a device. The higher the quality the better the experience. Gaming laptops have GPU and a normal laptop have an iGPU. That is why the quality of graphics in gaming laptops is better than in normal laptops/ regular laptops.

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Cooling System

Regular laptops have less advanced cooling systems than gaming laptops because the functions we carried out on them are simple, so they don’t produce heat in their interior. The heat is mainly produced by the processor. Gaming laptops have more advanced cooling systems than regular laptops.

Tips While Buying A Gaming Laptop

Here are some tips for you so you can make a good decision while buying a gaming laptop:


It is important to check the number of ports. The number of ports describes the functionality of the gaming laptop. More ports mean that the laptop has expanded functionalities.

Here is a quick suggestion to fix the problem of limited ports using a multiport USB hub or a docking station will solve that problem.

Better Looking

Well, the gaming laptops come in all shapes and sizes. To help you decide which one to choose we have come up with useful suggestions that are as follows:

  • Aluminum casing: Look for an Aluminum casing that will make your laptop look sleeker and is better than the traditional plastic material.
  • Reduce size: To reduce the overall size of your device lookup for a thin bezel. The lighter the laptop the easiest it will be to carry everywhere.
  • Eye-catching designs: To add beauty to your gaming laptop lookup for a design that has eye-catching designs such as metal finish, user-controlled RGB lighting, etc.
  • Luxury: High-end gaming laptops have multiple screens, keyboards with mechanical switches, and also upgradable hardware.

Random-access Memory (RAM)

More RAM means more applications and functions can run at the same time smoothly. How much RAM you need depends on your usage of the laptop.

  • 8-16 GB RAM: Most gaming computer offers RAM between 8 to16 GB. It is enough of a mid-range gaming experience.
  • 32 GB RAM: It is the ideal RAM for intensive multitasking and a higher gaming experience.
  • 2-4 GB RAM: RAM between 2 to 4 GB is good for web browsing and light applications, but it is not suitable for a gaming laptop.

Here are some Laptops with Upgradeable RAM

Is External RAM a possibility


Three things for a good gaming experience: Three things that impact your gaming experience are size, resolution, and refresh rate. It is good to choose a gaming laptop that has all of these qualities

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Tips To Improve Your Gaming Experience

Input devices

  • Use a mechanical keyboard:

Use a mechanical keyboard and attach it to your laptop via USB. It will surely improve your gaming experience.

  • Use a gaming mouse

When it comes to regular work the laptop mouse is sufficient for it. However, while gaming it is good to use a gaming mouse that will be preferable

  • gaming headset

Use a headset through which you can adjust the sound of the game and the voice of the group of people that you are playing with.

  • portable speakers

Use speakers for a more immersive audio experience.

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Keep Your Laptop Dust Free

No technical skill, but still want to have an improved gaming experience. No worries, by following this simple step you can enjoy a better gaming experience.

Dust is the enemy of your device performance. Once your fans get dirt and dust in them the air flows will get blocked and the device will get heat up. It will slow down the performance of your processor, GPU and, other components. Likewise, clean your laptop’s keyboard and mouse from dust and dirt.

Use compressed air spray to clean your laptop from inside, because opening it up will invalidate the warranty and resale value of your gaming laptop.


If you want to improve your laptop graphics. You should consider overclocking. Tools are available so you don’t have to face trouble while finding something suitable. There are also some drawbacks to overclocking. Your laptop will get hot. The controlling of temperature is the duty of the laptop. However, you should clean the heat sinks and fans from time to time. This will help you run your laptop smoothly.

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Cons Of Gaming Laptops

Everything has its pros and cons, we have talked previously about the pros of gaming laptops now let’s talk about its cons.


The gaming laptops heat up very fast because they have a strong processor and graphic card that produce lots of heat. The performance of the laptop gets affected by overheating. There are many reasons why laptop gets heated up. For Example, using cheap material, the poor placing of the air vents, and poorly spaced components.

Well, that’s a fact that gaming laptops will get heated up either way but a sophisticated cooling system will surely help.


The second con of gaming laptop is that it has a very short battery timing. Your gaming laptop’s battery will last approximately 6 hours when fully charged. The reason behind its short battery life is the powerful processor and graphics card. They take full power to run properly resulting in a decrease in battery life.


Gaming laptops lack an upgrading option. You can’t upgrade your CPU and GPU as well as it’s the battery, and cooling system. You can’t change those parts and upgrade your laptop with the new ones.  However, there are ways to reduce the overheating of your gaming laptop which we will discuss later on.

The minor upgrades in RAM can be made in gaming laptops.


Gaming laptops are noisy so don’t use them in a quiet place. but here’s we also find some Best Quiet Gaming Laptops


Gaming laptops are far more expensive than consoles. A gaming laptop will cost you $ 1000 to $ 1500 and that is the price for a mid-range gaming laptop. The consoles and normal laptops are cheaper than gaming laptops. You can purchase a nice laptop for $ 400.

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Which company is best for Gaming Laptops?

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Suggestions To Avoid Overheating

Overheating of gaming laptops is the problem faced by every user. Overheating not only affect the performance of the laptop but also affects your system’s internal parts. In some cases, the internal parts get overheated and thus get out of order.


 Well, there are many ways to avoid the overheating of a gaming laptop. Some of them are as follow:

  1. Put your gaming laptops on surfaces that are hard like on a table. Placing a laptop into your sheets and blanket while using it can make it heat up.
  2. Laptop cooling pads work wonders. Using laptop coolers surely reduces the temperatures to some degrees and in some cases, it makes a significant difference. Hence, it is good to use.
  3. Make sure to clean the air pathway and fan areas clean time to time as dust accumulates in those areas. When dust accumulates in those areas the cooling system of the laptops gets affected.
  4. Make sure that the fans of the laptop work properly. Check the fans from time to time and repair them when needed. If the fan is not working right then surely your device will get overheated.
  5. Don’t use a laptop in sunlight. Using a laptop under direct sunlight will surely increase the internal temperature of the laptop. The same goes when you keep your laptops in a hot room or a hot car.
  6. There is much software that keeps an eye on your system temperature. Some of the famous software are Crystal disk info, Core temperature, HWiNFO, and Macs fan control. They keep eye on different functions as well as on the fans of the laptop and check if the device is working properly.
  7. Check the fan control settings on the laptop.
  8. Running too many programs can overheat your laptop so make sure to run minimum programs or applications at the same time.
  9. Keep your laptops away from the windows where your laptop can experience high temperatures.
  10. Use thermal paste. Thermal paste reduces your laptop temperature as it takes the temperature away from the processor and GUI. When they become drier they are less effective.
  11. Undervolting is a process where your CPU gets less voltage which means less heat will be produced by the processor and GUI. This is not dangerous for your device and no damage will be caused to your device. It is a completely safe method.

Suggestions To Improve The Gaming Experience

You can’t upgrade your gaming laptop completely but there are three things that you can change.

  1. To increase the speed of your laptop. You can upgrade its RAM.
  2. M.2 storage and SSD will improve your storage which will increase your device performance.
  3. Save the battery of your gaming laptop. You can’t do this with the full settings enabled.

Power Setting To Improve Gaming Experience

  • To adjust your laptop power setting. Go to your settings. Click on power and sleep. After clicking that select high performance. Then click change plan setting. Then click on change the advanced power setting.  Check if the power settings are set to the optimum level.

In some gaming laptops, these settings are already managed by default.

Close Background Apps

For increased performance and to save battery close the background apps. Close all other apps before launching the game. Less load means less battery use and less heat produced.

To see the apps that are running in the background check system tray. Close those apps excluding the ones important to run your game.

Check Your Internet Speed

The thing that could create a hurdle in your gaming experience other than hardware and drivers is your internet speed.

Slow networking could create a hindrance to your gaming experience. The usual trouble in online gaming is lagging.

Keep Your Laptop Updated

Updates can be automatically downloaded to your laptop. It is not a wise decision to turn off your updates. It will slow down your laptops. Some updates don’t do much for your laptop but still shutting them down is not a good option. So, the best advice is to keep your laptop up-to-date.

Manage The Game Updates

 A second game may start downloading its update when you are playing something. To avoid this open steam. Head to its settings. Click on download. In this tab clear the Allow downloads during gameplay check box. Click on ok. Now you are good to go.

To Manage Individual Game Updates

Manage the rules for individual games. Click on the desired game in your Steam library. Right-click on it. Select properties. Set your preferred options.

Optimize Graphic Card

Optimize your laptop’s graphic card by lowering texture and frame rate. Use the available setting to do that. Both of these settings will determine how your game look will.  This will surely give you a better and smooth gaming experience.


Gaming laptops have their pros and cons. Well, if the question is they are worth buying. So, the answer is definitely YES. They have better resale value than regular laptops and gaming consoles like PS and Xbox. In consoles, only games could be played but on gaming laptops, you can do your office or educational work, listen to music, watch movies, and do every activity that a PC or normal laptop does.

Normal laptops are way cheaper than gaming laptops. The reason to prefer a gaming laptop is that they have a high processor which means high speed. The mid-way gaming laptops offer RAM of 8-16 GB. Which is a good speed to play heavy games. Some laptops also provide RAM of 32 GB. Which is more than good.

The graphic card of gaming laptops is much better than a normal laptop. Improved graphic cards mean improved picture quality and likewise good gaming experience. They also have a better sound system.

The cooling systems of gaming laptops are also more advanced than normal laptops. Still, gaming laptops face the issue of heating which can be prevented by cleaning the air pathways. There are many other suggestions to solve this problem like avoiding using your laptop in direct sunlight. Avoid using them in blankets and sheets. Use your laptops on a hard surface. If this is not comfortable then using a cooling pad will work. Install software that will keep in check your device performance and temperature.

While buying a laptop you should check its RAM and number of ports. A sufficient number of ports will mean a good gaming experience.

To improve your gaming experience use a gaming mouse, gaming headset, use extra speakers and, a mechanical keyboard. Close all the background apps, try doing overclocking.

The cons of gaming laptops include overheating, being expensive, noisy, poor battery life, and they can’t get upgraded except for the two things RAM and storage. You can save the battery by changing its settings also.

and also You can optimize your power settings, update the setting of all games individually and collectively. You can also optimize your graphic card for better performance.

In short, all we can say is that if you are a game lover and you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop. You should go for it.

I hope that by the end of this detailed buying guide you will be able to understand how to Pick the Best Gaming Laptop for your needs. Still, if you have any questions or queries then let us know in the comments.

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