How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard

Taking screenshots is easy on a laptop or PC, as anyone can just press the Windows and PrintScreen buttons to complete the task. But the problem falls in the base when you need help locating the required keys. 

Similar is the case with Logitech keyboards; that’s why people often ask how to screenshot on Logitech keyboard. The answer is simple; the Logitech keyboard has both keys but with different names and indications and at different locations. 

In this guide, I’ll discuss all the possible ways to take screenshots while using the Logitech keyboard, the location of required keys, and some alternative methods. So, keep reading.

How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard

Though you can press the Windows + PrintScreen buttons to take a snapshot, before discussing the problems and their solutions associated with this topic, let’s discuss the Logitech keyboard. 

What Is Logitech Keyboard?

Logitech is a company known as Logicool in Japan, offering a long list of products like computer peripherals, keyboards, mice, security cameras, etc. Regarding keyboards, they have a huge variety of mechanical, wired, wireless, or multifunctional keyboards. 

How to Screenshot on Logitech Keyboard in Windows?

People find difficulty taking screenshots while using a Logitech keyboard; the main reason is that they don’t locate the required buttons like the Windows key and print screen button on the Logitech keyboard due to different key icons. That’s why I’m going to give the solution to that problem first.  

Find Windows key

Although most keyboards have a Windows key with a Windows icon, in some Logitech keyboards, you will get a key in place of the Windows key with the name ‘start’; this key functions the same. It is at the bottom of the keyboard on the left side of the spacebar and alt key. 

Find PrintScreen key

Where is the print screen key on the Logitech keyboard? The PrintScreen key can be anywhere on the Logitech keyboard with different names indication. In some, for example, TenKeyLess Logitech or a full-sized keyboard, the print screen on the Logitech keyboard will be on the right side of the keyboard among the top area buttons. You will find it with different names PrtSc, PrintScreen, or SysRq.

Moreover, in some Logitech keyboards, the button with a camera icon also functions as a PrintScreen button; for example, you can take Logitech K850 screenshot while using the Camera icon button. You can locate it in the right side keys of the keyboard. Moreover, it is also in combination with the back (backspace) key, function keys, or tab keys. 

Take a Screenshot With Logitech Keyboard

Here is the process for the Logitech keyboard screenshot. 

  • If your Logitech keyboard has a separate print screen key, you can take a snapshot by just pressing the windows/start key + PrtSc/PrintScreen/SysRq at a time. 
  • However, if the PrtSc key is in combination with other keys like the backspace key/function keys/tab keys, then you have to press another key, ‘Fn’, if it is not activated. For example, if your PrintScreen key is combined with the F7 key, press Fn + Windows/Start + F7. 

Use Logitech G Hub To Screenshot  

Logitech G Hub is an application officially launched by Logitech. If you have a keyboard supported by this application, you can also use it to take snapshots. The process is mentioned here.

  • First, download and install the Logitech G Hub application.
  • Connect your Logitech keyboard and then run the application. 
  • Select your keyboard and click on the second option indicating plus (+) icon; this is for the Assignment tab.
  • Click on the Commands option and search the ‘Left Windows + Print Screen’ shortcut key among those available commands under Windows. 
  • Drag and drop the command on one of the available buttons on the screen’s right side. 
  • Just remember the button as from the next moment, this button will function as a screenshot button. 
  • Now close your application, and whenever you need to take a snapshot, just press that button. 

How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard K780?

On Logitech Keyboard K780, you will not find the dedicated print screen Logitech keyboard button; that’s why the process of taking snapshots is quite different. 

  • Remember to open the page or screen you need a snapshot of in Windows.
  • Then press CTRL + Fn+ ALT + Del keys to take screenshots. 

How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard in MacOS?

Taking screenshots in macOS using a Logitech keyboard is relatively easy compared to windows. You can take both full-screen or part-of-screen screenshots but utilizing different ways. 

  • For full-screen snapshot press Command + Shift + 3
  • For part-of-screen snapshot press Command + Shift + 4

How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard Using Alternative Methods?

If you can’t take screenshots while using the above methods, by any chance, you can also use the alternative methods mentioned below. 

Use Snipping Tool

Windows offers a default application for taking screenshots named the snipping tool. With this tool, you can take both a part of the screen or the whole screen screenshot. 

  • Click on the search bar, write the tool’s name, and open it.
  • Alternatively, press the Windows key and go to all apps.
  • Select the snipping tool, click on New, select the screen portion, and then save the image. 
  • You can also take screenshots by pressing Windows + Shift + S. 

Use On-screen keyboard

Using an on-screen keyboard for taking screenshots is a good method; the process is similar for that also.

But you have to enable an on-screen keyboard if you don’t have done previously.

  • Open the setting by pressing the Windows logo key and I key together.
  • Open Accessibility and then go to Keyboard.
  • Click on a toggle button in front of the on-screen keyboard to enable it, or press the Windows logo key, CTRL, and O keys together. 
  • Now open the keyboard, and press the Windows logo and PrtScn keys to take a screenshot. 

Use Third-Party Application

You can also use applications or Chrome extensions for taking screenshots. The advantages that you get from choosing third-party applications are

  • You take screenshots of a specific area or point on a screen.
  • You can save the image in your desired location.
  • You can edit the image (depending on the application) immediately after taking a screenshot.

Some good applications are ShareX, Greenshot, GoFullPage, Lightshot, or Awesome Screenshot. 

Where Have The Screenshots Gone?

Default settings save screenshots if you use a keyboard instead of third-party applications. So when you take screenshots on Windows by using your Logitech keyboard using the steps mentioned above, then you can locate them in the ‘This PC’ file. The whole path is mentioned below.

  • Open your ‘File Explorer.’
  • Click on ‘This PC.’ 
  • Open the ‘Pictures’ folder.
  • Click on screenshots to see what you have. 

However, if you are using macOS, then the location is different. In this particular case, the screenshots you have taken are saved on the desktop; you can easily locate them there. 

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Taking a screenshot is not a problem, neither on a mobile phone nor laptop. But it’s tricky because the process differs from phone to phone or keyboard to keyboard. 

I hope your query about how to screenshot on the Logitech keyboard is solved now. Experiment with the process, and let us know if you find some kind of query.

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