How do I know is my laptop upgradeable?

It doesn’t matter if you bought the latest laptop with an inefficient hard drive or your old machine that’s been around for three years is struggling to keep pace with modern apps.

Upgrading your laptop is a good option to increase your laptop’s performance without spending more money. Unlike desktop PCs which you can normally upgrade, laptops are more sealed and come with specific limitations to accessing the interiors and playing around with the hardware inside the chassis. Looking at certain parts on the motherboard is one thing.

However, In some cases, when you can access the insides of the laptop and can remove those boards and chips, replacing them with better replacements is an entirely different ballgame. If you are confused to choose the right device for your usage then take a look at our in-depth reviews for cheap upgradeable laptops.

There’s no need to open up the chassis to determine whether you can replace the hard drive or RAM. Find out whether is my laptop upgradeable and which components can I upgrade?

Which Parts of my Laptop are upgradeable?

The most common upgrades in laptops are both hard drives and RAM. This is a suggested procedure for machines with mechanical drives that can upgrade to a better SSD solution.

This is also for RAM when the available memory for Windows and apps is 4GB. Upgrading RAM up to 8GB or 16 GB will greatly boost productivity and the ability to multi-task.

Don’t think about replacing the CPU, graphics chip, or display. Although it is possible to swap out the Wi-Fi card on certain devices, it isn’t easy and likely unnecessary. If you’re looking for better wireless connectivity, you should consider purchasing using a USB WiFi dongle.

Step by step guide to know about is your laptop upgradeable?

The best method to find out that is your laptop upgradeable? and which components you’ll require to upgrade is to use a configurator tool like Crucial Memory’s Advisor Tool. How to utilize it:

1. Go to
2. Select your laptop’s brand (ex: Lenovo).

laptop upgrade checker step 1
laptop upgrade checker step 2

3. Choose your correct product (ex: Lenovo Gaming Series)

laptop upgrade checker step 3

4. Select the specific model of your laptop (ex: Lenovo 9000-34IMZ).

laptop upgrade checker step 4

5. Click “find my computer.”

laptop upgrade checker step 5
laptop upgrade checker step 6

The Advisor will inform you of the kind of RAM your machine has and what kind of SSDs it is able to handle. If your laptop cannot be upgraded with memory or storage, the advisor will inform you of this. Because this tool comes from Crucial, it suggests Crucial’s products. However, you take note of these products’ specifications, and you can get them by these RAM or storage products from where you can want. you can also buy from amazon.

If your laptop comes with an SSD right now and you’re planning to upgrade your drive with an SSD you’ll likely require a 2.5-inch 7mm SSD that’s the most commonly used size. But if your laptop came with an SSD and you’re looking to upgrade it to increase its capacity, you could require an m.

SATA drive or M.2 drive as both are chips that can insert into slots within the motherboard. M.2 SSDs are available in various sizes (60mm and 80mm being the most popular) So be cautious about determining which you require.

When purchasing RAM, check the DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 type and the speed and voltage. Modern laptops typically use DDR3 RAM with PC3-12800 in speed and 1.5 or 1.35 voltage. If you browse through RAM lists, you might also find specifications that specify the type of memory: ECC or not, and if it’s buffered or not. Except for a few premium laptops, most laptops are non-ECC memory, which is not buffered.

Some laptops are equipped with only one slot and can be filled with memory, which means you may need to replace your current DIMM instead of adding it.

Reading the Service Manual

Being aware that your laptop is upgradeable is one thing, but doing surgery on it is quite another. If you have one, look up the maintenance manual (aka the Service manual) to learn what you have to do to access the hardware components.

To locate the manual for your service, you need to go through the help page on your particular laptop’s model from the brand’s website (e.g.,,, Find available manuals for download 

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