Is Wireless HDMI Good for Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably familiar with the frustrations associated with an ineffective or inadequate HDMI cable. The clutter that it causes around you is irritating and causes difficulty in terms of distance. To meet the game console’s requirements, the use of HDMI cables that have been twisted tend to deteriorate and can cause video and audio to stop working. So, a single solution to the whole problem is to use a wireless product for gaming. But the question arises, is wireless HDMI good for gaming?

Is Wireless HDMI Good for Gaming?

However, many people and technologists favor this new but kind of amateur technology, a technology known as wireless HDMI. As it is still growing and coming with new concepts, it might be the number one choice of everyone in the near future.

When we talk about the gaming experience, wireless HDMI shows many advantages over conventional HDMI but still with some downside. So before discussing its pros and cons for gamers, let’s discuss what it is and why you should choose it over traditional HDMI.

What is Wireless HDMI?

wireless hdmi

Wireless HDMI has come to solve the cable problem of the traditional HDMI. It is a kit that comes with a transmitter and receiver to extend an HDMI connection from a device to a display wirelessly.

You have to connect two devices to make a connection, but without wires, so you have to connect the transmitter with the game console and the receiver with the TV. These devices may extend connection up to 50 to 650 ft (15 to 200 m), but it depends upon the kind of HDMI transmitters and circumstances (is there a straight line of sight or barriers impeding the signal).

How is Wireless HDMI different from Traditional HDMI? Why is it Best for Gaming?

Wireless HDMIs are far different from traditional ones; at some point, they are better, but at some point, they show some flaws. But for clutter-free gaming, they might be a good option for gamers.

Eliminate Cluttered Cables: HDMI cables used in the past create a cluttered and ugly appearance. But when you go for wireless HDMI, you are actually clear this clutter and may create a more ordered and simpler space surrounding your television. It is not only for the eyes’ satisfaction, but it also helps you move your setup from one place to another without carrying a lot of cables.

Quality of the connection: While switching from standard HDMI to wireless, you will not find any decrease. On the other hand, you will experience the same high-quality HD connection from a good wireless HDMI. While searching, you will find some products deliver up to 1080p 60 HD video and some kits even up to 4k.

The flexibility of Installation and Use: Wireless HDMI enables greater freedom and flexibility in terms of where you place your gadgets and television anywhere, from a media stand to a wall mount. It demands just to attach the transmitter and receiver to the media device and TV, respectively. They are easy to take up from home to office and then back home in need.

No Wi-Fi necessary: Wireless Video HDMI is a simple-to-install solution that delivers high-definition video and audio. While using HDMI cables, you need efficient internet or Wi-Fi, but in the case of wireless HDMI, you need no Wi-Fi. This product comes with a transmitter and a receiver that generates its direct wireless signal. Thus, by any chance, your internet connection slows down or completely fails, you will retain access to all of your gadgets.

How to Use Wireless HDMI for Gaming?

If you have used wireless HDMI before then, you don’t need to worry about using it for gaming. It is a simple process as Wireless Video HDMI needs a transmitter and receiver for functioning. When you search in the market, you will get some amazing wireless video HDMI kits having great functionality.

So, for gaming purposes, connects the transmitter to your gaming console and the receiver to your TV. The transmitter sends a direct wireless signal which is received by a receiver. Different kits offer different feet distances ranging from small to large distances. Some only offer a 30 ft distance between the sending and receiving ends, while some allow a 650 ft long distance.

It is far better to measure your distance first before buying a wireless HDMI kit for gaming.

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Some Drawbacks of Wireless HDMI?

Although wireless HDMI is an excellent concept, it still has some drawbacks. Let’s count with me.


The first point that you consider as a drawback is a price. When you search in the market, you will find products of different prices ranging from $130 to $300. At such a price, what you will get, is just a single transmitter and receiver. As you know, the cable HDMI helps you somehow more than the wireless. The clutter is the biggest problem with wires; otherwise, they are cheaper than others in terms of price.


While using a wireless HDMI, you feel a little problem with distance. As for gaming, you want a latency-free system that offers somewhere between 30 to 650 ft distance. But keep in mind that with this distance, you will play games in realtime if it has a direct line of sight between the two HDMI transmitters since this will provide the highest possible signal quality. Because if you wish to utilize wireless HDMI to pass through numerous walls or other impediments, this option may not be the best for you. Still, across one wall is not an issue.

Reliability and stability

The following concern is that wireless technology will always be less dependable and stable than conventional connections. With an HDMI cable, you never have to worry about video quality degradation due to compression or signal loss owing to interference. But you will have to face this with any type of wireless technology.


Latency is another issue that you may have to deal with. Although while watching television, the lag is only for a few milliseconds, which did not bother any of the users, the use of Wireless HDMI added latency which causes the delay, making playing video games impossible in realtime.

But if you still want to use a wireless device, then search in the market for latency-free wireless HDMI products, perfect for gamers.  

Note: Because some wireless HDMI introduce latency, they cause more than 10 milliseconds of lag, even up to 100 milliseconds. You need a device with less than 10 milliseconds of lag for perfect gaming.


Because wireless HDMI is reliant on the signal’s quality, other wireless signals may interfere with the connection. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid placing many wireless HDMI transmitters in the same spot, as this might cause interference.

Moreover, if your product offers a big distance still, don’t use it across too many walls, as it affects your gaming experience by causing lag.

The Final Thought

Wireless HDMI is a good device used for gaming if you setup direct line-of-sight connections. However, following the precautions, you may turn your gaming experience with wireless HDMI more energetic, clutter-free, and enjoyable.

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