Top Roku Web Browsers You Should Give a Try

If you are one of those people who like to explore new channels and the latest live channels of sports etc., you must have heard of Roku. With the smarter and fast-paced world technology is becoming more advanced every minute. Therefore the Roku web browser is not a new name anymore. 

However, if you are still searching for the best Roku web browser to try, this page is just for you. Before moving forwards, let’s find out what Roku is in the first place.

What is a Roku TV?

But if you don’t know, Roku is the platform that is in demand for seamless streaming. You can easily and quickly get access to the wider gamut of live and on-demand channels. Roku also supports various apps through the Roku Channel Store. Each Roku device has a multipurpose remote you can use for your Roku TV.

What makes Roku special is that you can download the web browser app for Roku just like your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it is affordable to watch your favorite television anytime, anywhere. 

In a word, Roku devices are becoming more popular for their streamlined entertainment. With Roku, you don’t have to struggle with expensive cable equipment to watch your desired shows.

Does Roku have dedicated web browsers?

Roku does not have a dedicated web browser. Therefore you have to lean on the separate web Browser for Roku. That said, you can download the Roku web browser from the Roku Channel Store. The Roku web browser is basically an app that features compatible and safe apps for your Roku device. However, it does not allow you to browse the internet on your television. 

Top Roku Web Browsers that you should try

Below is the list of top browsers for Roku TV

1. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is not only reliable but also makes sure to offer access to premium Roku content. So those who only want to enjoy premium shows should lean on the Roku Channel. 

Moreover, it also offers you Roku Originals and free TV. Here you can watch series, classic movies, and other on-demand content with seamless output. Also, it’s freely available to download on the Roku Channel Store

2. Opera

Opera is a free and widely used internet browser. You can use it for Roku web browsing with no problem at all. Its trustworthy design lets you run Roku with its lightweight (small size) design that shows positive compatibility. Moreover, Opera is faster with most OS and Windows computers. You can use the VPN feature for a nameless approach.

However, that is not available on the Roku Channel Store so you need to download it. For that, connect a Roku device to the computer/laptop. Make sure the device is connected to the same internet Wi-Fi that your computer is connected with. After that open up the Opera browser, go to Settings > Cast, and choose your Roku device! 

This is it, now you can browse the internet and connect to your Roku device simultaneously. The only con is that it takes time to install and Opera is not dedicatedly available on the Roku Channel Store.

3. Emby

Emby is another reliable browser for Roku TV. It shows the best results for media streaming. You can easily use Roku while it’s connected to a smart TV or computer. It works best for movies, live shows, sports, and other entertainment content. 

The best part of Emby is that you can video your saved content, shown on the My Media group. It’s available on the Roku Channel Store and downloading is totally free.

It’s easy to use, has a simplified installation process, and is compatible with streaming movies, Live TV, TV series, and music. However, it does not let you browse the internet like opera and you will need an Emby Premiere subscription for viewing premium channels

4. Google Chrome

Google chrome is popular for a reason. And the reason is simplified and seamless use. You can quickly install and stream the content. Watching Live TV, TV series, and music is never a hassle with Google Chrome.

It’s best for Windows computers and smartphones plus the faster performance is what everybody appreciates. So if you want to use Chrome for Roku TV download Chrome on your PC in the first place. After that, plug in your (Roku) device to the PC and connect it using the same internet connection that the computer is linked to.

Now open Chrome browser, select More > Cast, select the Roku device and you are done. The free availability of Google chrome and faster loading time makes it the best. Moreover, you can opt for screencasting and downloading content as well

5. Safari Browser

Safari browser also lets you enjoy Roku TV with the best performance. It works differently than the original Safari application. However, a large chunk of people has said that using the app on Roku is not satisfactory for them.

Safari browser is among the few web browsers on the Roku Channel Store Plus that is free. You can use it for web and stream content

6. Web Video Caster – Receiver

The web video caster is an internet browser for streaming. So you can trust it for Roku streaming when it comes to streaming TV shows, movies, live streams, and other content. The sad part is, it is not free as the above-mentioned browsers and you have to pay $4.99/month. You can download a web video caster from the Roku Channel Store.

7. Firefox

Firefox is popular, best, seamless, and above all, reliable. So for Roku TV, you can give it a try. Firefox also supports many Roku device models as Opera. To use it, you need to download it on your computer or laptop.

After that, connect it to the Roku device using the same internet connection. Now open up the Firefox browser. Go to Settings > Cast and choose your Roku device from the list. This is it, now you can cast content to the Roku device.

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