Where Is The Microphone On A Dell Laptop

Dell laptop is a famous brand of laptop, and most people use these laptops for various purposes. Dell products are of high quality and have durability. A microphone is an essential built-in device in a laptop that is needed for calls, sound recording, and in today’s world, meetings and video calls. Hence, it is necessary to know the exact position of a microphone on a Dell laptop. 

Where is the microphone on a Dell laptop? Don’t worry; you can find it on a laptop’s body either by checking manually, which means recording your voice by speaking near different locations of the laptop or using the dell audio control panel. The microphone will be near the web camera on the bezel, in front of the body, or on the keyboard. 

Are you a Dell laptop user and want to find out where the microphone is on a Dell laptop so you can make your listeners hear your voice clearly? This post is especially for those who want the answer to this query, so let’s get deeper into it.

Where Is The Microphone On A Dell Laptop?

The position of a microphone on a Dell laptop varies according to model or series. In order to find where the microphone of your Dell laptop is, keep reading. 

What Is A Microphone On A Laptop?

The microphone is a device that turns sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals and records them into a recording medium or a loudspeaker. It is an essential part of a laptop whose importance can never neglect when we use laptops for meetings, online lectures, recording lectures, and voice calling with friends. Most people struggle to find the microphone on their laptops to keep their mouths according to the microphone’s position to give the listener a clear voice. For their user convenience, Dell has a built-in microphone in their laptop models, but the position of a microphone on all dell series differs, and in this topic, we find out about them.  

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Benefits Of Microphone

The most common benefits of a microphone are as follows:

  1. It is most commonly used for voice recording, and users can use voice recognition. 
  2. Chat online with your friends and family and arrange meetings with the help of a microphone without any external noise disruption.
  3. Sing, podcast, and use a microphone to dictate to anyone and also use it for gaming purposes.
  4. The microphone enables us to VOIP (voice over internet protocol)

Do Dell Laptops Have Microphones?

If you have a query about ‘does Dell laptops have a microphone?’ Then the answer is “Yes”. Dell laptops have microphones, but these are in different positions in different Dell models and series and vary in number. If you want to find the exact place of a dell laptop for any reason, then it is discussed in detail below for your convenience.

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Where Is The Microphone On A Dell Laptop?

It is the hardest thing to cope with the situation that your hearers constantly complain that they cannot hear what you are saying during the meeting. Despite other issues like network problems, sometimes you don’t know the location of your laptop’s microphone so that you can get close to it to speak. Hence, it is necessary to see the microphone’s position on a dell laptop to solve the problem.

Dell Inspiron Series

If you have a dell laptop of Inspiron series, the microphone is on the screen’s bezels near the camera. If your laptop has a dual microphone, one is on the right side and the other on the camera’s left. 

Source: Dell

XPS series 

If the laptop is of the XPS series microphone is on the front side of the laptop. In XPS 15, there are two microphones on the front side of the laptop. 

XPS 15

In XPS 15, 1 and 3 points from the front side, and in the other XPS, the 5th position port from the right side is a microphone.

Source: devicetests.com 

XPS 13

In dell XPS 13, there are 4 microphones on the front side of the laptop. 

Dell XPS 17

Two microphones are at the top edge of the screen, and one is with an audio jack.

Dell Inspiron 3000 series

The Dell Inspiron 3000 series have a standard microphone placement on the body. It is located on the top of the screen near the webcam.

Dell Vostro 15 5510

Two microphones on the left and right side of the laptop web camera for voice calling and recording audio. 

How To Find The Microphone On A Dell Laptop

If you feel helpless by struggling to find your laptop’s microphone, check the manufacturer’s instructional documents or supporting books that guide you. If this method doesn’t work, then two ways help you find the microphone on a Dell laptop.

Use Dell Audio Control Panel

The first method is to use Dell audio control panel, 

  1. Click on the blue button on the keyboard that is for the built-in microphone. 
  2. Go to the Dell audio control panel, choose the input tab, and find out the built-in microphone. If the laptop has a microphone installed, then you will see the internal microphone as one of the input devices.
  3. Open the microphone tab and speak in it to check that the microphone is catching sound correctly. There is a facility to customize the level according to your choice.
  4. Save settings by clicking on “OK.”

Thing to remember

Some models of Dell laptops don’t have the blue button for the microphone, so you can find it by pressing the F12 key to open the Dell audio control panel.

Use Hardware and Sound 

The second method to find whether the laptop’s sound is appropriately working or the microphone’s location is to speak from different sides of the laptop and how to do the process is discussed below.

  • Press the Window key + S or write the control panel in the search bar to get to the control panel on your Dell laptop.
  • Open the hardware and sound section, choose a sound section, and find the recording tab. In the recording tab, you will see the microphone array option. This option depicts an internal microphone that shows the level of sounds. Speak in front of the laptop or near the camera to find the microphone’s exact location.


Q: How can I tell where the microphone is located on my Dell laptop?

A: You can easily find the microphone on your Dell laptop by looking at a small hole or slit on the laptop’s casing or display screen. You can also consult the laptop’s user manual or technical specifications to see where the microphone is located.

Q: Can I use an external microphone with my Dell laptop?

A: Yes, mostly 3.5mm audio jack or USB ports are available in Dell laptops that you can use to connect an external microphone. Some newer models may also have a built-in microphone array that can pick up sound from multiple directions.

Q: How do I test if the microphone on my Dell laptop is working properly?

A: Open the sound settings on your Dell laptop and choose the Recording option to test the microphone. Now talk into your chosen microphone to check the sound levels and their registration.

Q: What should I do if my Dell laptop’s microphone isn’t working?

A: Check that the microphone is turned on and chosen as the default input device in the settings. if there are not any hardware problems, you may also try updating the audio driver or performing a diagnostic test. If these steps don’t work then you may need to contact Dell customer support for further assistance.


Dell laptops have a different location of the microphone at their laptop that varies with model and series. I hope you can get the most of the information related to this query in this topic, and now it is easy for you to find a place for microphones on your Dell laptop easily.

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